NZ06 – Mapua

This time I didn’t move too much between two wwoofing spots, about 20 km. Mapua is a small town close to the coast, 30 min from Nelson.


My host operates a transportation business, mainly for trampers with 4 wheel-drive vans ( ). I’m helping in the workshop doing the mechanics and general maintenance around the shed.

A 4WD Toyota Hiace being serviced
Coaches and buses fleet

The workshop is quite well kitted out, the MIG welding machine from the Cold War is tough :

Mind the glasses on top to get the size of this beast

There was a van for sale, now it’s mine and I’ve begun to spruce it up : full cleaning, engine and gearbox oil changing, filters changing, taking off the rust…and modifying the inside furniture (it’s probably gonna be a whole new post in the blog). The van is a she and her name is Mya (never mind, each vehicule here has a name).

The van before cleaning
The inside was only filled with a static bed, I’m trying to figure out a way to fold the bed into a couch to maximize free space available
Three seats on the front and…
…the engine under the seat !!!


I’m gonna stay here until late auhust, my host asked me to look after the house and vehicules during his holidays. Needless to say it suits me cause I’m in my own element with all those engines to tinker and a large workshop. I’m gonna use this time to settle down a bit. Next expenses : a bass and an amp to rock the place loudly cause there are no neighbours !!!

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