NZ03 – Second wwoofing

Drastic change, I switch from the deep countryside to a beach house. People here are also fairly different, more cultivated and above all atheists (the farmers were christians, tried to get me to the church and to convert me).

Transportations are a bit of a pain in the ass in “NZ” : 300 km of coach ride, almost 7h… There are almost no trains and they’re mainly used for the freight and tourists cause they’re very slow and experience frequent brakdowns. The bus trip was alongside the train track (single track without power lines), and I’ve not seen any train in the whole day !

The town is Kaikoura and has about 2,000 inhabitants.


My hosts own the highest house in town, hence the cool view :

The view from the top of Kaikoura’s peninsula


Workwise it’s weird, my hosts don’t give a shit and I’ve had to ask many times what I could do to help. Eventually I’m working in the vegetable garden but they tell me not to work too hard. Seems like they just enjoy hosting people and feedind them without anything in exchange. I ain’t gonna complain ! Food, 160 cm bed, proper internet connexion, what more can one ask for ?

My digs, already a mess at the end of the first day


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