NZ02 – First wwoofing

After three days spent in Christchurch (and a mean fight between drunk guys at the backpackers’), I’ve headed to Geraldine. No it’s not the name of an old New-Zealand’s hooker, it’s a town.


My hosts own a farm with lands as far as the eye can see, and they also rent a cottage for guests.

So here is my style, warning in NZ the helmet is mandatory and they mostly have bike helmets…


There are cows (a lot), deers (a lot as well but I couldn’t manage to take pictures they’re hard to get close from).

DSC_1002 DSC_1003

To cross over the bazillions of acres of grass, mud and poo, they drive quad-bikes. They also use them to chase the mobs of cattle, that’s quite funny when the guy heads full throttle on the beasts and you’re seating on passenger’s spot with almost nothing not hand on to !

DSC_1000 DSC_1005

Fairly cool landscapes :


There you go, as a bonus a short video of quad-bike cow hunting :


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