NZ01 – Arrival in Christchurch

The city is very impressive since it was partly destroyed (downtown mainly) by two earthquakes.


It’s a hude building site, a lot of big buildings are still waiting for their fate to be settle, probably taken down.

The cathedral : a lot of people want to keep it but I don’t see any way to fix it
Hard to imagine there was a building here before
A 15-storeys building, empty and very damaged, waiting…


A temporary containers mall has been built, it’s quite good-looking and stylish :

Christchurch_006 Christchurch_004 Christchurch_005

The american influence seems to be strong, with square streets, suburbs houses with huge garage doors… The cars are both big pick-ups and small japanese, mostly automatic gearboxes. And some ugly things we are lucky not to have in France :


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